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  1. Once i was attacked by a mailbox bomb. I hv a code in Perl. Bt can anyone

    tell me how he got my ip?
    My extended info to colinic n jerry B:-

    i hv code in perl with which just randomly ip add..s can b found out.
    I dont kno how to send a mailbox bomb.
    I thought it req...
  2. How can I install lampp and create Mysql database in Linux(Centos 5.0...

    ...ver.) ?Help me...? I installed linux(Centos 5.0 ver)...then i downloaded xampp for linux..That is tar file...after that i opened terminal and went to root and typed command for unzipped of xampp...
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    R u genius, then solve this puzzle...?

    There is a bus with 7 girls .
    Each girl has 7 bags.
    In each bag, there are 7 big cats
    Each big cat has 7 little cats.
    Each cat has 4 legs .

    Question: How many legs are present in bus?
  4. can i apply and go for an interview in any country during my stay with student visa

    in the same country? if some one is doing any engineering courses from any abroad country tthen can he apply from same country for the job or he has to go back to his native country and then he can...
  5. lcd hp around 19-21000

    lcd hp around 19-21000
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