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    What kind of puzzles attracts you more ?

    There are evey kind of puzzles in this world. Some like jigsaw puzzle, some like cross puzzle , some like sudoku , some like other one. What is your favorite one ?
  2. Do you thing brain teaser can really help

    There might be some help from brain teasers, but I am not sure if they always help. I have my point that certain brain teaser become quite used to the mind, if used again and again, and then they...
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    Aptitude, how can we define aptitude ?

    We often talk about aptitude, but is there any fixed rule to measure aptitude in different persons. Aptitude marking can be quite different among various people.
    Some might be good at qualitiative...
  4. how many hours can u surf internet without stopping

    so answer this thing
    how much long can u stay at internet without goin off
    just give some idea
  5. do u like ur frnds to intervene in ur personal matters

    o u like when ur frnds intervene in ur matters and i mean personal matters
    or do u intervene in ur frnds' personal matters by ur own
  6. do u think student life is the best among the rest

    i think student is the best life one can have in his lifetime
    do u think it is true
    or do u feel that it cant not be best life ever
    some might feel that it is full of pain ans misersy
    others may...
  7. Do you think money can buy you almost everything so that you can be happy

    Do u think having money has answer to all the problems in the world
    Many people think this way that they can buy happiness with money
    Since they can manage to make their family happy and also...
  8. Do you think you have a good reputation among your friends

    Do you have a good reputation among your so called friends
    So many times we see that many people do not good reputation among their friends.
    Even though they call them friends, but in reality they...
  9. what are the advantages of marriage according to most of people

    I often wonder whether marriage is an advantage or disadvantage
    i really have any definite idea about it
    so can anybody tell me what they think of marriage
    is it advantage or disadvantage
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    what should be th priority of our life

    According to you people, what should be the main motto or main aim of our life?
    Do you think you are serving the purpose for which God has sent us here on this earth?
    Do you really think that you...
  11. do u think student life is more demanding than office life

    i wanna ask if people think that student is harder than office life or not
    there is some pressure on students in their school life and also in college life
    similarly there is pressure on office...
  12. do u think ur frnds are true to u, do they lie to u or not

    Do u think ur frnds are loyal to u?
    do they lie to u on certain issue?
    do u have the confidence to confine in them?
    to what extent u can rely on or frnds?
  13. I have an idea for people with lots of anger

    i often wonder why people have anger more often on short issues or issues that does not matter at all. I used to have heavy anger, but I curb that anger most of the time.
    Well, I try to remain...
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    But are there post related salary or work related...

    But are there post related salary or work related salary
  15. Can you post updated information for people

    Can you post updated information for people
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    are there any new openings now a days for people

    are there any new openings now a days for people
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    Are govt. jobs are in demand now ?

    After the pay commision has increased salary for Govt. employees, do you that there is much more demand for govt. jobs now
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