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  1. how can I network linux oracle server to windows client oracle?

    I have an server as4 (linux) and windows 2000 in client machines I don't like to install in client side db I'll install db in linux and just install oracle client software in windows how to do network
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    Networking to Oracle & windows?

    I have an linux server in that I have installed oracler server and I need to configure in windows oracle clients already its in networking how can we configure oracle to oracle if the user creates...
  3. how can we see unexpire blocks in oracle database?

    In undo retention guarantee period if the time is up how can we see unexpired blocks and how much free space in undo ts
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    Though there are various styles of making a...

    Though there are various styles of making a resume but it should contain (1) your bio data (2) your educational/technical/ professional qualifications (3) experience, if any (4) your hobbies and...
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