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  1. Mystery Riddle... ooo another 10 points up for grabs.?

    2 policeman arrive at a scene just minutes after a mugging, Lucy was found dead in a puddle and surronded by broken pieces of glass.

    Lucy cause of death wasnt through any kind of beating, nor was...
  2. 10 points up for grabs for a riddle, oooo?

    Ok, a man is in a steel cube concrete room, and there is a wooden unpolished and unsandpapered table in the middle of the room, there are no windows or doors.

    How does he escape?

    First one to...
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    Grandma, because she was reading a book in the...

    Grandma, because she was reading a book in the corner, but there is no corner, cus its a round house....

    Is that right?
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