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  1. Digital Showroom - The Best Online Shop Creator In India

    Today is a competitive age when many people around the world have changed their preferences for shopping. They like to buy products online from different brands and have become very conscious in...
  2. Digital Dukaan to Open Whatsapp Store In India

    The pandemic situation and subsequent lockdown have compelled people to remain indoors that harmed business, big or small. It is during this time an app Digital Dukaan came to the rescue of local...
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    Boost Your Business in Corona Times

    In Corona times, we are learning how to use digital tools to maximum potential. Yes, we are learning that a large portion of work can be achieved digitally. The sell online app available for download...
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    Certified financial analyst course

    Finance is the study of allocation of assets and capital of an investor or a company and then ensuring good return on investment by managing the risk along with time value of money. But without a...
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    Best business analysis training

    Doing freelance allows you to fashion your own daily routine, be flexible and even look after your kids. There are a rising number of entrepreneurial housewives who have fruitfully started their own...
  6. Stay ahead of others by getting the business analyst certification

    The initial step in the procedure is to recognize a problem, a problematic topic, or any other entrepreneurial need. The very next step is to allocate an individual person or a team of individuals to...
  7. How to succeed as an Analyst in Investment Banking

    Investment Banking is not just about horsepower, if it was then the smartest people in the room would be PhD holders. Most successful Investment Bankers are not CA’s and neither are they CFA’s....
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    Overview of Investment Banking

    As the credit crisis unfolds globally, I’ve heard a lot of people asking the question “What is an investment bank? How does it differ from a regular, commercial bank?” Unless you work in...
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    5 desired skills to be a Business Analyst

    Career in the field of Business Analysis is one of the fastest-growing in the country but like any other profession, excelling in this too requires one to augment top-notch business skills and...
  10. Imarticus Learning launches its first Analytics Online training program on R Programm

    Imarticus Learning is excited to launch its online training program ‘Certification in R Programming’ (CIRP), aimed at providing a thorough understanding of the R programming language and...
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    Best course in Business Analytics

    Every business venture needs to have a good analytical mind that can save them a lot of hassles especially during decision making when the company is facing certain critical situations. Receiving an...
  12. Choosing to be a certified business analyst

    When a business venture starts, it requires time to time monitoring such that it can be made large. All the needs and requirements of this new start up should be taken care of. Further, after...
  13. IIBA Endorsed Business Analysis Course and Training at Imarticus

    The BACP (Business Analysis Certified Professional) program at Imarticus is designed for careers in Business Analysis and Project Management across various functions like Technology, Operations and...
  14. Post Graduate Diploma in Wealth Management at Imarticus

    The Post Graduate Diploma in Wealth Management at Imarticus is designed for careers in Financial Advisory and Relationship Management. This 2-month intensive program will enable participants to join...
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    3 important tips for business analysts

    A lot of effort and hard work is needed to perfect the skills required by a business analyst, but dedication and determination will help one can excel in this field. If you’re marching towards...
  16. So you are a Chartered Accountant. How does IFAP help you?

    It will be difficult for you to believe, but passing the CA Final exams is only the first hurdle, and a relatively small one. This is because your results in academics solely depend on your hard...
  17. 5 desired skills to be a Business Analyst

    Career in the field of Business Analysis is one of the fastest-growing in the country but like any other profession, excelling in this too requires one to augment top-notch business skills and...
  18. Business Analytics Training Institute in Mumbai

    Imarticus BAP (R) program, is a comprehensive, short-term business analytics training program in Mumbai that provides aspirants with a thorough understanding of R programming language for effective...
  19. Understanding the relevance of Business Analytics Training

    The demand for trained business analytics professionals has witnessed a massive growth in recent years. The dearth of skilled manpower can be overcome with serious intervention at the education level...
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    The Importance of Business Analytics

    So why do a business analytics course?

    Data alone is useless unless it helps you address real-time business issues. Is Analytics helping customers solve their problem? Can I bring about strategic...
  21. Key questions in Business Analysis in 2015

    Business Analysis deals with identifying problems and the need for change in an organization and providing solutions to problem and facilitating change. Business Analysts identify the needs of a...
  22. Business Analyst Training Institutes in India

    Functioning in the finance field covers a comprehensive variety of job duties. You might be a loan executive who holds the forthcoming of a young family or a struggling trade in your hands. You might...
  23. Outlining the varied investment banking courses offered in India

    The big question for those who want to make a career in investment banking is whether their school of investment banking teaches them enough to land a job. A majority of schools will not teach near...
  24. Given that the average salary of a business...

    Given that the average salary of a business analyst in the U.S. is over 80K/year, many professionals are attracted by the prospect of a nice pay increase once they solidify their BA career.

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