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Thread: Urgent advice needed for an Indian with a UK degree

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    Default Urgent advice needed for an Indian with a UK degree


    Dear All,

    I am new to this forum and require advice from you all. I have completed a BSc Economics degree from a top UK university and have worked for a short period after graduation.

    I now wish to return home and work in India. I need to know what is the best way to pursue the job hunt. Is it possible to pay placement companies and seek their assistance in finding a job? If such facilities exist, could you kindly guide me on where I should start.

    Look forward to your replies.

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    Hi, Most important thing to find a job in India is to make a Resume which stands out in your area of expertise, Apply for jobs/submit your resume in various job sites, You cannot give an interview staying in Foreign land and we expect that you have to come back to India, in any of the Top metros. Remember prepare your self well for what you are aiming, there is a lot of competition these days.
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