Indian Space Research Organiation (ISRO)
Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC)

One function of Human Resource Development division is, facilitation of the academic project work for BE / BTech/ M.Sc/ ME / MTech students with the help of empanelled Scientist/Engineers

1. The duration of the project work (block period) will be SIX Weeks (ie. 8 block periods in an year;01Jan-15Feb ; 16Feb-31Mar ;01Apr-15May ;16May-30Jun ; 01Jul- 15Aug ;16Aug-30 Sep ;01Oct -15Nov;16Nov-31Dec ).
2. Total number of students permitted to do project work in a block period will be 300.
3. The applicants must be from a College/Institute within Kerala State (except for dependants of ISRO employees).
4. Dependants of ISRO employees are given priority, who may do project work with one additional student (ie. Group size of max. TWO only ).
5. The balance positions available ( General Category) will be allotted to other applicants. They may do Project work in group of maximum FOUR.
6. Separate application forms are available for dependants of ISRO employees ( P-2 ) and other applicants in General Category ( P-1 ). The application forms may be obtained anytime directly from the PRO, VSSC or Head, HRDD/Dy. Manager, HRDD or through any VSSC employee who may download the form from VSSC Intranet. Photocopies of the form may also be used.
7. The format, duly filled in by the applicants, and approved by the Principal (or HOD) may be forwarded to Head, HRDD/Dy. Manager, HRDD, VSSC, Thiruvananthapuram ?695022.
8. The application may be submitted anytime before TWO months of the block period.
9. The applications thus received (under General Category) will be ranked on the average aggregate % marks obtained by the group members in all their first five semesters.
10. The top ranking applications from the lot, subject to the total positions available under General Quota will be approved for doing the project work.
11. The acceptance or rejection will be communicated to the applicant(s) within a month of closure of receiving applications at VSSC.
12. The selected applicants have to identify a Project Guide from VSSC. In the case of applicants under General Category, the approval from the Project Guide may be obtained in a separate format (which will sent to the selected applicants).
13. The selected applicants have to report to the office of PRO, VSSC (with the letter of intimation) for verification of records and issue of entry passes, during the beginning of the block period.Original / attested copies of mark lists of all the first five semesters of all the participants in a Group (together with their ID issued by the College) may be produced for verification.
14. During the Project work, the students should maintain strict discipline in the campus. They will personally be responsible for all their activities in the Centre.
15. The students should wear the ID issued by VSSC, and should strictly follow all security rules/guidelines, while in the campus.
16. The duration of the Project work (6 Weeks) is not extendable under any circumstances.
17. The Project Guide in VSSC will be the Reporting Officer for the students, during the Project Work.
18. A copy of the synopsis/summary of the Project work, certified by the Project Guide, should be submitted to Head, HRDD/Dy. Manager, HRDD, on completion of the Project Work, and before the end of the block period.

Download application (For dependant of an ISRO Employee)
Download application(For General Category)
List of Guides