These days with falling broadband tariffs and more computer penetration, many user do P2P downloading through torrent when the purchase unlimited connections. For a speed on 256kbps unlimited connection, MTNL has costing for 599/- PM and BSNL has costing for 750/- PM in India. Most people take this connection to do heavy downloading. This means that they need to keep their computer running for 24x7. This invites system failures, system open to security risk, electricity consumption and over and above all HDD issues. What happens if we have a router/modem/device that has inbuilt hard disk in it and through a software we can load torrent files and then keep it powered on for downloading allowing us to shut down the computer. This saves lots of electricity, your main computer is not available for hacking and good for system health as it is shut down. Just a router acting as a download agent and NAS. What do you all heavy downloader think about this. Any ideas about such kind of device and its availability in India and any pricing information.