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WEB 2.0
The term “Web 2.0 design” to describe the prevailing style of web design which existed in the past.Many people use the term “Web 2.0″ to describe:
• WEB 2.0-a resurgence in the web economy
• WEB 2.0-a new level of technological interactivity between web sites and services
• WEB 2.0- a social phenomena deriving from new types of online communities and social networks
Benefits of WEB 2.0……

• WEB 2.0 –The most Interesting Technology.
• WEB 2.0 is simple, bold, elegant page designs deliver more with less:
• WEB 2.0 enables designers to shoot straight for the site’s goals, by guiding the site visitor’s eye through the use of fewer, well-chosen visual elements.
• WEB 2.0 uses fewer words but say more, and carefully selected imagery to create the desired feel.
• WEB 2.0 reject the idea that we can’t guess what people want from our sites
CEGONSOFT provides you the distinction is to a large extent, subjective. Here are a few characteristics often noted as descriptive of Web 2.0:
• blogging
• Ajax and other new technologies
• Google Base and other free Web services
• RSS-generated syndication
• social bookmarking
• mash-ups
• wikis and other collaborative applications
• dynamic as opposed to static site content
• interactive encyclopedias and dictionaries
• ease of data creation, modification or deletion by individual users
• Advanced gaming.


• Syllabus that Meets industry Demands
• Get Trained in Technical and Soft Skills
• Live Project Exposure
• Fast Track Batches
• More than 500 IT Client Base
• Exclusive Placement Cell
• Weekend Batches
• Tailor-Made Curriculum

Cegonsoft has made an extensive research to learn the expectations of IT industry and our syllabuses are framed with that on grounds so as to make the entry or re-entry of any candidate a cakewalk. IT industry is vast, but the psychology is simple.

In order to make the HR consultancy more effective, Cegonsoft has a Placement Cell in all its offices. Every Placement Cell constitutes a team of sensible and prudent team of HR specialists headed by an expert Placement Co-ordinator.


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