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Thread: What is the best way to travel (bus or train) to Vellore from Bangalore so that...

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    Default What is the best way to travel (bus or train) to Vellore from Bangalore so that...

  can reach around 11PM? My 18 year old son comes home to Bangalore (Whitefield)on weekends from Vellore where he is studying.He arrives around 8PM on Sat night.It would be ideal if he could leave for Vellore on Sunday evening and arrive there around 11PM at the latest.He studies in VIT which is very near Katpadi railway station in Vellore.Presently he travels by KPN which leaves fromKalasipayam at1.30PM.So he does'nt get to spend much time at home.As he travels alone I'm nervous about him reaching Vellore very late at night.Thanks for help
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    Iam sure there is a train stop i nVIT or iam sure that the railway station must be very close. My frinds who studied there used to come in train to Salem. It is in the midways of vellor n B'lore. He can take a train from vellore to Salem. Most of south train will pass via salem. Iam not sure of the trains from salem to B'lore if they r available on a daily n frequent basis. But the bus stand from the salem railway station is just few minutes away. He can take up any bus from the bus stand that comes to b'lore and reach there in 4 hrs. Ur son will now have to travel for 8 hrs maximum to see u.
    If he leaves friday evening, he can reach B'lore the same night or saturday early morning depending on wat time he leaves the college n the transportation.

    Good luck!
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