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Thread: career development starts at cegonsoft coimbatore ramnagar | enroll with FTP program

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    Cool career development starts at cegonsoft coimbatore ramnagar | enroll with FTP program



    As per the NASSCOM sources, it is clear that talented Professionals are required for the IT industry. There is a technical and communication gap between the graduates and the Industries. Cegonsoft plays a Vital role in fulfilling these gap by providing Quality Technical knowledge (as per the software Industry expectations) and also the Soft skill training.
    In the recent past, there are several exciting insights that Nasscom is coming up with. This source confirms that there is a colossal requirement of 25-30 lakh software professionals in the IT and BPO industry. Foreign countries and several developing countries depend solely on India for the unimaginably skillful human resource. That being the case, it is the prime duty of the freshers to tap the market in favor of them and make the best out of it.
    Several authenticated sources confirm the fact that top-notch software companies and renowned stalwarts are investing close to US$ 430 million just to train the entry level candidates. There is also information that is leaked here. Companies are undoubtedly interested in hiring only the adepts. A proficient software programmer is looked upon as an asset by the company. The pungent whiff of recession questioned the employment of a mediocre and not of a prudent software programmer.
    As an IT organization its only expectation of a fresher is the proof that exhibits his/her proficiency in the platform of his interest. All that they look for is some real-time experience just in order to test his/her capability to handle pressure and project. This quality gap is bridged by these huge organizations through their massive investment. However looking at it from another angle, what if they are lucky enough to find a candidate who is a complete package? Why can’t you tune yourself into one such package? If you are wondering how, then we are proud to bring to your notice about the tailor-made solution which is none other than your Finishing Touch Program.
    Technology Offered:

    • Dot Net
    • Java \ J2EE
    • Web 2.0
    • RIA
    • Software Testing

    *Conditions Apply
    Contact: [email protected]

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    Training courses offered in Accord have specific skill sets required for the current IT industry. The course also prepares them for Industry-leading Certification and equips them with marketable IT job skills. The Real Time Project mapped to the business requirements of Top Manufacturing Companies are provided to the students for enhancing their skills and to ensure that students get practical training using business relevant examples. We believe in the training that not only meets but exceeds professional training standards. We firmly believe in proactive, innovative, practical training methods that work in the real world.

    Accord also has specific products for Colleges, Universities and Corporate on Training/Orientation. These course packages focus on equipping candidates with more Technology skills and International Certifications in specific streams, making them easy – to – pick by Software Majors. With the back up of such strong training curriculum, Accord has been achieving a very consistent and excellent Placement Record.

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