Multi Level Marketing is the demand of present as well as future because govt. can't provide employments to all people. Experts report reveals that in year 2014, 40 to 50% generations have to adopt with this system because they would have hardly any options to cope with increasing costliness day by day. So we should be prepared today for that time.
Union Ministry of Commerce Industry has decided to propose to the cabinet to pass the (MDAN) Monitoring Development Authority of Network Marketing’ bill, It means any MLM companies has to deposit Rs 100 crore as a security deposits to the Government &for foreign companies’ approval of FDI board also required. It looks like all fund plan & small companies will be wiped out from the market. So come & join the mega Company that will survive not in India but in entire Asia’s it has more than 1.3 crore distributors in all India
There are many MLM companies working in the market near about 95% of them are fake, some are not systematically perfect so need is to choose them wisely, we should work on the right platform for fast growth.
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Hardev Singh
Marketing Expert