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Cloud Computing Training on VMware, Xen, KVM, Eucalyptus, Amazon EC2 from Cloud Computing Experts.

Cloud Computing:
VMware vSphere Family - Cloud
Eucalyptus Cloud,
Amazon EC2

Xen Hypervisor
KVM Virtualization
VMware ESX Server

Amazon EC2 Training:

Introducing AWS
· From 0 to AWS
· Growing into Your Application
· “You Build It, You Run It”
· Starting with EC2, RDS, and S3/CloudFront
· Setting Up Your Environment
· Choosing Your Geographic Location, Regions, and Availability Zones
· Choosing an Architecture
· Creating the Web Service on Cloud
· S3/CloudFront
· Making Backups of Volumes
· Growing with S3, ELB, Auto Scaling, and RDS
· Preparing to Scale
· S3 for File Uploads
· Elastic Load Balancing
· Auto Scaling
· Scaling a Relational Database
· Elastic Beanstalk
· Managing the Inevitable Downtime
· Improvement Strategies

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