Interviewer: Tell something about yourself
Myself: I explained my educational and family profile.
Interviewer: Tell about your project profile.
Myself: I explained about my project.
Interviewer: Which post u are applying for?
Myself: I replied that i am applying for the post of Admin asst
Interviewer: What are the duties you will discharge/
Myself: I explained thoroughly and waiting for his response
Interviewer: OK, you are bright, but we are expecting one who have junior level experience, so i will forward your CV to our database and we will get back you soon.
Myself: Thank you sir, I am a fresher with great pleasure i look forward for this position once i saw this recruitment notification. In which i saw freshers can also apply. That's why i attended. Please consider the freshers also who is having wide knowledge in this area. Don't mistaken me sir.
Interviewer: Sure. We are conducting interviews for 2 days. after that we will short list.
Myself: Thank you very much sir.