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    At F I T Computer Education, we understand the market needs better than anyone else and train the fresher /employees with variety of ammunitions that would help them to be successful in their respective industry. Hands-on training provided by certified well experienced professional in real time server environment.

    Learn from the Best Trainerís
    You gain knowledge from expert trainers who average 10+ years of hands-on experience at the leading companies and who still work full time on real-world projects. Theyíre great communicators who excel at transferring their experience and knowledge with clarity and enthusiasm, and who really care that you achieve the understanding you seek.
    Youíll be able to put your new skills to work immediately when you return to your job.

    Practical, Relevant and Immediately Applicable
    F I T Computer Education Course has designed from the ground up with the goal of making you even more creative by providing you with practical, relevant skills that you can apply at your job the very next day.
    So, here is an opportunity for you to take your career to the next level.

    Courses Offered:
    Java Technologies

    Core Java, JDBC, RMI, JNDI,J2EE, JSP, Servlets, Struts,EJB, JSF, Hibernate, Springs, Jaxp, JUnit , Web Logic,Eclipse3.2 , Design Patterns, Web Services with UML Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g. CVS-Tortoise
    Microsoft Technologies
    VB.NET, ASP.Net, C#.Net, ADO.Net, XML, Web Services, VB, ASP, ATL COM, DCOM, SQL Server 2008,Sharepoint Server 2007, WPF,WCF.
    Software Testing
    Manual /Automation Testing
    Hardware and Netwoking
    PC Fundamentals, Uninterruptible Power Supply Functions and Features, System BIOS Functions and Operation, Processor, RAM, Hard Disk Partitioning and Formatting, Operating Systems and File Systems, Virus Detection and Protection, Troubleshooting Techniques, Assembly.
    Try one of our'demo' courses for free.

    In case of any query, Please feel free to contact us.
    F I T Computer Education
    New.68 Karuneegar Street,
    St.Thomas Mount Railway Station
    Landmark : Lucky kalyana Mahal
    Mobile : 9884801686
    Ph: 91-44-69502575
    You can email us at fitcomputereducationATgmailDOTcom for any clarifications.

    Warm Regards,
    F I T Computer Education

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    Cloud Computing Training - Chennai - Classroom & Online Training Knowledge Labs Chennai
    Cloud Computing Training , Knowledge Labs Chennai– Leaders in Cloud Training

    Email: cloud.klabs [at]

    Call: 9789887816 / 044-42010991 / 044-42010999

    1st Floor, FM Tower, #547, Mount Road, Nandanam,Chennai-600035

    As you already know, Cloud is the future and now an emerging technology that has not much experts to meet the increasing demands,

    This Training covers Conceptual and Practical Cloud Computing Techniques/Tools/Scenarios + Case Studies from our Cloud Experts - Enabling you for better Positions / Placements.

    We have also launched Online Training, in addition to Class Room Training - to enable Remote / Overseas learning.

    Please call us to discuss further in detail, We would be glad to hear from you.

    Attachment 1150Website:

    Cloud Computing Training in Chennai

    Cloud Computing: What It Is
    From Collaboration to the Cloud: A Short History of Cloud Computing
    The Network Is the Computer: How Cloud Computing Works
    Companies in the Cloud: Cloud Computing Today
    Why Cloud Computing Matters
    Who Benefits from Cloud Computing?
    SaaS (Software as a Service)
    PaaS (Platform as a Service)
    IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

    Kick-Start Practical Session – The Basics
    Linux : Command Line Interface (CLI)
    Basic Commands
    Network Configuration
    Advanced Tools

    Virtualization : The key for Cloud Computing
    Virtualization – The key for Cloud Computing
    Objectives of Virtualization
    Benefits of Virtualization
    Desktop Virtualization
    Virtual Box

    Virtualization for Enterprise

    VMware ESXi
    Introducing VMware vSphere 4:
    1. Exploring VMware vSphere 4
    2. Licensing VMware vSphere
    VMware ESX vs ESXi
    Deploying VMware ESXi
    Installing the vSphere Client
    Creating and Managing Virtual Machines
    Installing a Guest Operating System
    Managing and Modifying Virtual Machines
    Creating Templates and Deploying Virtual Machines
    Migrating and Importing Virtual Machines
    Managing Virtual Machines Using the Web Console

    Private Clouds
    What is a Private Cloud
    Why Private Cloud
    When not to use Private Cloud
    How to setup a private cloud
    Private Clouds:
    1. Eucalyptus
    2. Open Nebula
    3. Open Stack

    Eucaluptus – Build your Private Cloud!
    Introduction to EC and its components
    Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC)
    Components of a Eucalyptus (UEC) based Cloud:
    1. Node Controller (NC)
    2. Cluster Controller (CC)
    3. Walrus Storage Controller (WS3)
    4. Storage Controller (SC)
    5. Cloud Controller (CLC)
    Installation & Configuration
    Web Interface
    Image Management:
    1. Eucalyptus Machine Image(EMI)
    2. Instance Management
    3. Hybridfox - Mozilla Firefox extension
    4. Command Line Tools (Euca2ools)
    5. Life cycle of an instance
    Storage Management:
    1. Storage Controller
    2. Interacting with Storage Controller
    3. WS3 Storage Controller
    4. Snapshots
    Network Management
    Eucalyptus Log files
    Commands from euca2ools

    Amazon Web Services (EC2)

    An Overview of Amazon Web Services
    Introduction to EC2 and its components
    Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

    An Overview of Amazon Web Services
    Introduction to EC2 and its components
    Amazon S3
    Amazon EC2
    Security Groups - Overview
    AMI – Amazon Machine Images
    Instance Creation
    Linux AMI
    Windows AMI
    Instance Access – PuTTY / Terminal
    Amazon Elastic IPs
    Amazon EBS - Elastic Block Store
    EBS Volumes
    Creating EBS Volumes
    Using EBS for first time
    Attaching & Mounting EBS Volume
    Amazon RDS - Relational Database Service
    Elastic Load Balancer
    Load Balancing – Concepts
    Load Balancing algorithms
    Real Time Load Balancers

    o Data Security

    o Network Security

    o Host Security

    Amazon EC2 Command-Line Reference
    Case Study

    Cloud Computing Training in Chennai, Knowledge Labs – Leaders in Cloud Training

    Email: cloud.klabs [at]

    Call: 9789887816 / 044-42010991 / 044-42010999

    1st Floor, FM Tower, #547, Mount Road, Nandanam,Chennai-600035

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