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    Every kid on the block seems to know web designing these days. Actually thinking along those lines it is not difficult at all to learn how to design a web page or for that matter even a site. What with FrontPage, Dreamweaver and the gang making the job even simpler.

    1. I will strictly ask you to not to have a flash site designed for you if you have to be at the top of the search engine. Yes, I know it looks awesome but it does nothing more than hindering your all search engine optimization strategies. You don't need to provide your visitors an eye candy, dude just provide them some helpful content.

    2. Always remember to use navigation menu at the right side of each page of your site, why? because search engines count the first few phrases appearing on the page, this way you would provide the search engines the content first.

    3. Make your pages cross browser compatible. Though this is very difficult even for the most experienced among us, TRY!

    4. Time your page for its loading speeds. Remember, though a graphic image looks really good on your site, its hateful if your visitors have to wait hours for it to load. You may be using a high speed connection, the whole world doesn't. Your page has to be quick to load.

    5. Too many images have exactly the opposite effect then they are meant to have. So, do everything in proportionů including putting in graphics and animations.

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    Hello my name is nikita sharma and i am from india...

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    Thanks for sharing some tips nikita

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    Hello every one my name is nikita thakur and i am from india... can u suggestion me.....Please visit my site....


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