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Thread: AMC theaters job interview tips?

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    Default AMC theaters job interview tips?


    For anyone who has ever been interviewed by AMC theaters for a job, how did it go? what did they ask you?

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    They'll ask you the same BS questions that anyone will ask.. "if you knew a friend was sneaking into the movies, would you turn them in'... etc.. of course, you have to be friggin Mother Theresa when you go to these interviews.. HELL YEAH you would turn them in, AND double charge him for that bag of popcorn his friend at the concession stand gave him.. They are looking for people who play by the rules ALWAYS..

    So when you go to the interview, lie lie lie.. you never stole anything in your life, you go to church, etc..

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    Good ideal, pls try to keep posting. I like this topic very much and I will digged this one. Tks again.

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