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Thread: Cegonsoft Php Training | Best Php Training institute in coimbatore

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    Default Cegonsoft Php Training | Best Php Training institute in coimbatore

    Cegonsoft is a Bangalore based IT Training and Software Development center which providing training and placement in Java,.Net,Php&Mysql,lamp,Ria,phython,software testing and web 2.0 etc..
    PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor and is a server-side language. PHP is relatively new (compared to languages such as Perl (CGI) and Java) .This means that the script is run on web browser so there is no compatablity issues.

    How PHP Works?
    User sends a HTTP Request to the web server .
    In the web server, PHP executes PHP scripts, and send plain HTML document back to the browser
    Web browser displays HTML document to user.

    SQL :

    Sql means Structure Query Language.
    Our SQL tutorial will teach you how to use SQL to access and manipulate data in:
    MySQL, SQL Server, Access, Oracle are the wellknown databases.

    Contents of PHP :

    Overview of PHP
    Basic Scripting and Looping Constructs
    PHP Operators
    Conditional Constructs
    Arrays in PHP
    PHP Functions
    Classes and Objects (PHP 5.3)
    File Handling
    Working with Databases and Forms
    Using Cookies with PHP
    Miscellaneous PHP tasks

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    Default cegonsoft chennai address | 2011 ieee student project center in chennai

    cegonsoft chennai address | 2011 ieee student project center in chennai

    Final year projects are often the last necessary step towards an engineering degree. Officially, they are considered another subject that must be adopted. But they play a central role in the education of students at a time before he joined an engineering position in a business or continue their academic career.
    This is remarkable importance, because students must demonstrate the skills acquired during their training in a specific task, which represents a great challenge to be overcome before leaving college. Student success in this task depends largely on its supervision, to be helpful and encouraging to them. Cegonsoft final year project is intended as a collection of tips and suggestions along with real world project exposure to help students and supervisors of electronics and information engineering, with the development of the final year project.
    Cegonsoft guides you in developing the projects in the following programming languages / tools:

    JAVA, PHP, MySQL, Windows.
    J2ME, Pearl, SQL Server, Linux.
    J2EE, Java Scripts , Access, Unix.
    JDBC, TCL , DB2, AJAX.

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