the number after the clue is how many letters are in the word.

1. the theory that a country should sell more goods to other countries than it buys (12)

2. a group of people in one place who are ruled by a parent country elsewhere (6) change (5)

4.a written document granting land and the authority to set up colonial goverments; or a govement document granting permission to organize a corporation (7)

5.a represenative to a meeting (8)

6. a legislature consisting of two parts or houses (9) agreement, or contract, among a group of people (7)

8. a group of people that makes laws (11)

9. to vote approval of (6)

10.king or queen (7)

11.self-reliance and freedom from outside control (12)

12. the refusal to purchase certain goods (7)

13. the british legislature (10)

14.a group of individuals or state governments (13)

15. a detailed, written plan for goverment (12)

16. to cancel a law (6)