I have been dating my girlfriend Lilly for about 10 months, and she and i have been pretty good, we are both 17 shes in her senior year and i in my junior year, lately she has been depressed about going to colleges and that she is too busy this year to hang out much but she wants to still go out with me and hang with her friends. She also is questioning her actually feelings for me, not sure if she actually "loves" me, i believe her, she doesnt know what love is, or what it feels so she doesnt know, i know she likes me but she is confused whether she wants to hold it out and struggle through the year, and start a long distance or take a break and talk through college. I am already bending my usual behavior around her busy schedule, and she is worth it, I am just not sure of her intentions and she doesnt make them clear. What should I do, should I ask for a break, not breakup, just a break for 2 weeks or something, or just tough it out, she does care about me, but she is very busy.