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Thread: Technical interview question (Computer Software Programming)?

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    Default Technical interview question (Computer Software Programming)?

    In an technical interview for computer software programming, following question was asked. I am unbale to understand what kind of question is this and what is the theory behind it?
    It just cannot be a vague question.

    What will be its solution? Any hints?

    If you are put in a room in a contest with 10 other people with a piece of paper and a pen, you are asked to give
    Your best estimate how many gasstations are in NYC, what’s your guess and why?

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    Yeah, it isn't about how many gas stations there are.

    Obvioulsy you wouldn't want to just give up and say "I don't know". They want to know if you give up easily when it comes to difficult problems. Programming takes alot of time and patience and there are sometimes big things out there without an immediate solution. They are probably looking for perseverance.

    Part of it is about competition (10 other people) and part of it is pressure (a contest). They want to know how you react.
    Do you flip out under pressure or do you remain calm and logical?

    They wanna know how you approach hard questions that don't have an immediate answer. They might be trying to find out if you could create a logical order to solve the problem and/or and algorithm.

    I think they also want to know what you would do without a computer (pencil and paper) - if you had to use your wits.

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