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Thread: What company can refinance a car with bad credit? My credit score is 577?

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    Default What company can refinance a car with bad credit? My credit score is 577?


    I'd first like to repond to those people who have gave me their input maybe I should add that I CAN afford my car I'm not behind on my payments, or even late etc as anybody who is trying to put money in their pocket -I was wondering if I can get a better interest rate and a lower payment- as far as showing off- I have a Nissan Altima and if that's showing off I'd like to see what you're driving.

    Anyway to avoid these type of comments let me add that my score is low but I have been paying my debt monthly and am current with all my creditors
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    You CAN get a decent car loan, even with bad credit. I've done it, but you'll have to look around. That's one of the BIG mistakes people make...just taking the first offer that's given to them when they go to the dealer. Be smarter than that.

    WARNING: DON'T GO TO BUY A CAR WITHOUT HAVING THE LOAN FIRST. The auto dealers will eat you alive and give you a crappy rate. Shop around with lenders who specialize in bad credit car loans. It's a better option, you don't have to take what they're offering if you don't want it, and it's better than dealing with the car dealer's people.

    There are usually some nationally based car loan companies who specialize in bad credit car loans who advertise on the page linked below...

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