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Thread: im going through a divorce/custody battle, in my kids interview report they stated

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    Default im going through a divorce/custody battle, in my kids interview report they stated


    that my ex is abusive, how? do i, with temp. custody due to recreational drug use that i am going to counseling for and have been clean, so clean that the next court date i was granted visitation, "How do i try to modify the custody to have the kids stay with my mother after finding out the abuse HASNT stopped"? And its in the report, i dont understand how the judge could do that? Maybe thats why he's giving me a month to complete counseling and plans to modify , or finalize the custody on our next court date.But i cant wait until the 18th of oct. and let my kids stay in that house. Plus its overcrowded due to his sisters 4 kids there every day, in a 3 bdrm house with one adult watching them? This cannot be legal? and he cannot be allowed to abuse them? He has also cut off all communication because he was upset that i got visitation, that he doesnt let me speak to them mon- fri, til the weekend, and HE wont talk to me either,so i cant even ask him how they are? Can i complain about this, will it hold up in court?

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    Default Divorce

    If you are not interested to lead with her then you have to cut your relation as per the court of law. Its very imp . u cud not do further steps like remarry or related to that proposal? or
    As you consider your divorce settlement, you may be tempted to sign it just to get things over and done with. This is a bad mistake. Even if everything looks fair and equitable, you may not really be getting a good deal. Below is an article that outlines some major areas to consider in your divorce settlement.

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    Hi vegasqt25, I think whatever nobsdivorce has written here is right. I have also the same opinion as him.

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