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Thread: Hiring Indian Developers / Sponsoring H1B

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    Default Hiring Indian Developers / Sponsoring H1B

    Our company would like to hire some Indian developers to work in our U.S. office. We are more than willing to sponsor H1B visas--though we have no experience with this. We are really just looking for some information on where to start.

    We would like to know how this process works, how we can streamline it, and where we can advertise our openings in India to find quality developers.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you!

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    In India freelancing is great way quality work done at reasonable rate. They are available for full time, part time & even work from home projects. You can get trusted freelancers in India on

    You just need to register yourself with the candidates you require and I am sure you would get lots of freelancers through this website.


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