The Test pane test has two tabs to view the test: Tree View and Expert View.

Tree View Tab:

In the Tree View tab (the default), QuickTest displays your test in the form of a tree icon-based test fold. You can see the steps of your test according to each parent object stage. Get out in the same parent object appears in the same object. You can collapse or expand a branch in the tree test to change the level of detail that the tree is displayed.

To collapse a branch, select it and click the collapse (-) to the left branch of the icon or press the minus key (-) on numeric keypad. The proof tree hides the details of the collapse and expand the branch sign changes.

collapse all branches of the tree, choose View > Collapse All.

To expand a branch or level to its previous state expanded, select it and click on the expand (+) sign to the left of the icon of the branch, or press the plus (+) on the keyboard keypad.

To expand a branch and all branches below, select the branch and click the asterisk (*) on the numeric keypad on the keyboard or right click and choose the branch to expand the subtree.

Develop all branches of the tree in the report, choose View > Expand All.

Each procedure is performed during the recording session recorded in the application icon to the wood test. Each icon in the Tree View, QuickTest displays the corresponding line of script in expert view. If you focus on a particular node in the tree view, and switch to the expert, the cursor is in the corresponding row of the test.

Expert View Tab:

On the View tab shows experts QuickTest each transaction on your application in the form of a script, rather than a tree icon. Your script contains instructions and is a VBScript script editor with many script editing capabilities. For each object and method in an Expert View statement, there is an icon in the tree test in the Tree View tab.
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