There Are Different Ways Bug / Defect Can Be Classified. Some Of The Classifications.

Types of Error Wise:

Logic Error: ambiguous or irrelevant features of the source code.
message Error : missing or misleading error messages in the source code.
Navigation Error : Navigation is not properly coded in source code.
System error: system failure, memory leaks, hardware and OS related
Requirements incorrect: incorrect or inaccurate requirements.
Incorrect Design: Wrong or incorrect design.
Typographical Error: spelling / grammar error in the documents / source code.
Performance Error: Everything about the performance leads to performance errors.
Data error: incorrect information population / update of the database.
Database error: error in the database schema / design.
Standard: standard not met, such as exception handling defects.
Comments: Comments inadequate / incorrect / misleading or missing fo Comments in the source code
Error variable declaration: Wrong indication / use of variables in the source code.
Sequencing / Timing Error: An error occurred due to lack of improper / Timeout and an eye for the wrong / missing The sequencing of the source code.

Work Product Wise:

DDS: the lack of detailed design documents.
ADS: Architectural Design Document default.
FSD: Defect from a functional specification document.
SSD: A Defect from System Study Document.
Source Code: An error from source code.
User Documentation: A defect in the manuals / operating manuals.
The test cases / test plan: the lack of a test or test plan.

Status Wise:


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