Looking for tips and tricks pencil puzzles? Pencil puzzles are not just for kids but enjoyed by every age group and gender. Playing such a game is fun and it creates satisfaction when one has solved a puzzle specially a tough one. Several types of puzzles such as hang man, crossword puzzles and difference puzzles are enjoyed by many people even to this day and age where computer games exists, that even some computer games are based on them. Let me show you a simple but effective pencil puzzle strategies.
The following are tips and tricks pencil puzzles for the following games:
1. Hangman:
This game is fun and should be played by two people at least. One of the player think of a word of phrase then draws out a line for every letter in their answer. So since you are guessing you may wish to start off with the letters R, S, T, L, N, and E. Why? Because the letters mentioned are the most used letters in the English alphabet, normally, several, if not all of those letters would be used in a clue. With those letters at hand, one should be able to guess most of the other letters as well. So let us say a phrase contains a 3 letter word that begins with the letter T, then chances are the word is ?eThe?f and that guessing the H may unlock other words also. Thinking is also often used endings for words such as ing, tion and ed would assist one in solving hang man puzzles as well.
2. Crosswords:
It is best to keep a small pocket dictionary around. When playing the crossword, always browse the dictionary for new words. Begin with across and then downwards respectively could assist in solving the puzzle. Even professionals say that it is much better solving the across puzzle then going downwards. Solving a puzzle becomes easier when one places the correct words in the grid. Take it easy in getting the correct words because if you made a mistake then it would make solving the whole puzzle confusing. Also, some hints in the puzzle have a theme. For example, a crossword puzzle about wrestling might contain words that are related to the game itself. Other examples of hints such as a country, for example Uganda, may have answers like the name of the leader, popular movies, national icons and national birds.
3. Difference puzzle:
Place 2 images side by side, this would assist to cross your eyes with two images easily. Staring at the images is perhaps the trickiest part. Once one begins staring at two images, try to focus on the middle part or center. Have one picture as a base then compare it with the other. The difference would then become slowly visible, making it easier to spot other difference.
By applying tips and tricks pencil puzzles above, one is bound to become an expert in pencil puzzles.