Project Training at TTRC is a systematic interactive teaching method that engages students in learning essential knowledge and career-enhancing skills through an extended guidance as per industry standards towards project execution. This is exclusively meant for final year engineering graduates.

Topics for Aero/Mech/Auto/Civil Engineers:
1. Airplane Design & Prototyping (UAV/MUAV) CAD
2. Aircraft Structure Design & FE Analysis CAD/CAE
3. External Aerodynamics CAD/CFD
Design of Wing Structure, Nose cone Design, Control Surface Design, Fuselage Aerodynamics etc
4. Internal Aerodynamics CAD/CFD
Jet Engine Design, Axial Flow compressor Design, Aircraft Control Systems etc.
5. Engineering Structure Design Optimization & Validation - FEA
6. Design of IC Engines 2/4 stroke, SI/CI engine, Stratified charge engine, DMU Simulation.
7. Design & FE Analysis of Heat Exchangers, Boilers, Intercoolers, Pressure Vessels etc
8. Design of Automotive Components and Assembly Axle shafts, Bearings, Crank shafts etc.
9. Design of other Mechanical Systems, Weld Analysis, Sheet metal Design etc
10. Process Plant Design Plant lay out and detailing, Pipe supports, Steel Structure Detailing etc.
11. HVAC Design with CFD optimization

Software Tools:
CATIA-V6-R20, AutoCAD, ANSYS Classic, ANSYS Workbench, ANSYS Fluent/CFX, Gambit, T-Grid, Design Modeler, PDMS/PDS, CAESER, E-20 & HAP

TTRC Faculty/Associates:
Experts from industry and academia with real time work exposure. Being associated with TTRC you get detailed exposure to Project Management, Product Design (Technical Concepts), Software training, Time & Resource Optimization, Cross-cultural Communication, Presentation Skills & Hands on practice with real-time projects.