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    Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers or IEEE is an international non-profit, professional association for the advancement of technology related to electricity. It has the most members of the technical professional in the world, with over 395,000 members in approximately 150 countries.
    IEEE provides learning opportunities within the engineering sciences, research and technology. The purpose of the IEEE Education and training programs to ensure the growth of skills and professions related to electricity and technology to promote individual commitment to continuing education among IEEE members, planning and scientific community and the general public.
    Cegonsoft offers final year projects based on the system side of the web application projects, and the IEEE.
    IEEE Transactions on various projects :
    IEEE Network
    IEEE Neural Network
    IEEE Distributed Computing
    IEEE Mobile Computing
    IEEE Software Engineering
    IEEE image processing

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    Default .net/asp Training for MCA Students

    ASP.NET helps in designing of websites using drag and drop options . Microsoft web matrix is a powerfool tool for creating web based applications in ASP.NET.
    About dot net Final sem Projects in cegonsoft:

    Final Year Projects in Cegonsoft is to bridge the gap between academic career and industry by enhancing the employability quotient of graduates.
    The students are provided with real time final year projects and these projects are developed as per industrial practices and quality processes.
    List Of dotnet projects:

    1. System Observer and organizer in a connected network
    2. OnLine Crime Report Management System
    3. Defect Analytics
    4. Clinical Information Portal
    5. Multi Level Marketing

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    Default|final year projects

    As part of the degree curriculum, students in computer science have the opportunity to do a project that extends over his final years.
    For a CSE or an IT student CEGONSOFT provides a fantastic opportunity to practice all the skills they have developed in their entire course.
    Cegonsoft projects are often an important consideration during an interview with any potential employer after the course. In CEGONSOFT students can invent their own ideas or choose a list of topics provided by project staff. Projects may be related to research projects funded by tuition, and students are encouraged mainly for industry-related works and new applications in the social sciences, education or government.

    The projects are defined in the following subjects:
    • The final year students of Engineering & IT (BE CSE, IT | B. Tech CSE, IT | MCA, MSc, BCA, BSC).
    Platforms offered:
    • Point NET, Linux, Java, Javascript, C, C #, ASP.NET, SQL Server, PHP, MySQL, web services and XML.

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    C,C++ (trained candidates)
    Software Developer
    B.E,B.Tech,MCA 2011/12 only (60% above throughout)
    Work Location
    No. Of Positions
    Interview Date
    After shortlisting

    Apply For Cegonsoft Jobs Openings Online


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    How much will it cost for doing IEEE Mobile Computing program?

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    Im MCA student, im doing my final interested in PHP,MYSQL in need a full structure of course where i can contact..

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