Oracle RAC 11g R2 Contents


Introduction of clusters
Types of cluster
Components of a cluster
Hardware requirements
Define Oracle RAC
List the advantages of using RAC
RAC architecture and components
SGA structures
Background processes
RAC internals and overview of cache fusion

Oracle 11g R2 RAC Installation (RHEL 5)

Operating system preparation for RAC
Introduction to network hardware
Private and public network configuration
Pre installation configurations
Configuring DNS for SCAN
Attaching shared storage
Preparing attached shared storage for ASM Diskgroups
Installing Grid Infrastructure
Configuring ASM
Parameters required to configure ASM
Understanding SCAN
Installation of 11g R2 RDBMS software

RAC Database Creation

Storage options for RAC Database
Understanding Parameters
Creating Disk groups for Database, FRA and archive log
Creating RAC Database using DBCA
Creating RAC Database manually
Policy managed and admin managed databases

Administering RAC and DB

ASM administration
ASM Disk groups metadata backups
Configuring ACFS
Enabling and Disabling CRS
Startup and Shutdown of CRS
Enabling and Disabling Databases
Startup and Shutdown of Database
Startup and shutdown of Instances
Important log files and monitoring
checking various events
Management of OCR and Voting disks
Adding more OCR and Votingdisks
Backup of OCR and voting disks
Restoring OCR and voting disks
Changing locations of OCR and voting Disks
missing ocr scenario
changing SCAN IP and port numbers
Creating and droping redo log threads
modifying parameters

Managing Services and TAF, Load Balancing

Introductions to services
Creating different services
Startup and shutdown of services
Understanding and Configuring TAF
Configuring Oracle Net services
Configuring Load Balancing
relocating services

Managing Backup and Recovery

Configuring Archivelog
Configuring FRA
Configuring RMAN
Configuring Recovery Catalog
Performing Hot Backups uing RMAN
Recovery Using RMAN
Some RMAN recovery scenarios

Database Cloning

Cloning RAC DB to Single Instance DB using RMAN
Cloning Single Instance DB to RAC DB using DBCA

Adding and Deleting Nodes

Adding a new node to RAC
preparing a node
preinstallation configuration
extending clusterware
extending oracle home
adding asm and DB instances
Deleting a node from RAC
Removing instance
deinstallation of oracle
removing crs services
deinstalling clusterware

Patching and Upgradation

Applying patches
Upgrading CRS from 10g to 11g
Upgrading DB from 10g to 11g

Installing and configuring CHM

Dataguard implementation

implementing DG for RAC

Migrating Non RAC DB to RAC DB
Assuming non RAC DB using File System and
RAC DB using ASM storage

Performance tuning
Some important cache fusion related views

Faculty : Mr Basavraju

Contact : 9866465379