hey guys u are lucky to read this post. i joined Bhanu Prakash for cloud computing in oasis technologies, ameerpet. He is our lucky faculty. u know why, all of our batch almost 18 students got job in different companies. He is an excellent trainer.he is lucky too. hurray I am a fresher and almost 60% of the students were freshers.
out of 23 of our batch 18 of us got jobs as of now.
Thanks to Prakash.

Kiran Kumar

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Hi kiran, this is srividya.your batchmate. let me support your comment. I really agree with your comments, Bhanu Prakash is an excellent trainer. guys join prakash.

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hey srividya,
I also heard Bhanu Prakash is an excellent trainer for cloud computing. I heard that he is also lucky trainer for students.can you tell me in which institute he is training now.

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s sudhakar, bhanu prakash is with oasis technologies, ameerpet.this is exactly behind huda. it's very famous institute.

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srividya, its me sudhakar again. can you tell me what topics Mr.Prakash is covering in cloud computing.

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he will cover salesforce CRM, HTML, JAVASCRIPT, APEX, and under IAAS - VMWARE, Virtualization, HYPERION, SAN, HADOOP

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hey this is basha from dubai. Do u remember me anuradha and kiran. after completing the course i went back to dubai and i ve given interview. immediately i got placed. thanks to Bhanu sir and thanks to oasis technologies

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This is Harrish from hyderabad. Ive attended many demo's. you cannot compare any faculty with Mr.Bhanu Prakash. he is really the best. One more important thing. In the interview people are asking where did you learn cloud computing. I fyou say with Mr.Bhanu Prakash then they are preferring us. every company knows about his training. He is the only faculty who is covering salesforce CRM along with IAAS-VMWARE, virtualization, hyperion, SAN

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hey guys This is Daya from pune. I heard about Mr.Prakash. lot of people are talking about Mr.Prakash and his training. Iam working for a big MNC. I am interested in learning cloud computing. can anyone give Mr.prakash's mobile or email id.

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You know guys even in chennai recruiters asking "where have you undergone cloud computing training". they are preferring you if you say u got trained under Prakash sir.