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Thread: .net/ courses for MS IT Students in bangalore

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    Default .net/ courses for MS IT Students in bangalore


    Corporate Training

    • Cegonsoft knows the value of Corporate Quality and TIME ever since they started working on projects. There may be various reasons for the Corporate to train their associates in latest Technologies or equip them with other Technologies. Cegonsoft has wider experience in that area and we train the associates as per the syllabus suggested by the Corporate. Usually the training is conducted just like a program where we Endeavour to cope up with the exact requirement of the client within the requested timeframe.

    • Cegonsoft is here to give you the best software training which will be the Best in the Industry. Cegonsoft has records of conducting Corporate-Trainings in Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore and various other places. Our Corporate-Training Programmers are not restricted to the cities mentioned; we carry out Corporate-Trainings as per the request received.

    • CEGONSOFT is one of the country's fastest growing Information Technology Solution Company. CEGONSOFT has established itself with these 3 independently successful divisions:
    > Software Training
    > Software Development (Software Engineering & Development Centre - SEDC)
    > HR Consultancy.
    The synergies of all three divisions when combined benefit the clients; this adds value to in-house expertise.

    • Learn Dot Net in a short while........!

    Here we provide you the Concepts of Dot Net (.Net)…………..
    • Introduction to .NET and .NET architecture – Common Language Runtime(CLR), Just In Time (JIT),Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL), Intermediate Language Dissembler(ILDASM)
    • Understanding the Framework –Common Language Specification(CLS), Common Type System(CTS), Languages under .NET
    • Database Administration
    • SQL statements, Constraints, Stored Procedures, Triggers
    • Database programming with ADO.NET
    • Creating and using Crystal Reports
    • Console Applications in VB.NET
    • OOPS concepts
    • Inheritance
    • Exception Handling
    • Working with Collections
    • File Handling - System.IO namespace
    • Multithreading
    • Elements for GUI programming
    • Assemblies and Application Deployment
    • Working with Visual Studio 2008
    • Console Applications in C#. NET
    • File Handling
    • Web programming concepts –HTML, DHTML and JavaScript
    • Working with server controls
    • Validation controls and intrinsic objects under ASP.NET
    • State management
    • Data Binding and reporting
    • Caching
    • Mailing in ASP.NET and uploading files
    • Security in ASP.NET
    • Advanced .NET – XML, Creating Auto changeable ads, Skins and themes, Web Service
    New Concepts added -
    • Language Integrated Query(LINQ),
    • Windows Presentation Foundation(WPF),
    • Windows Communication Foundation (WCF),
    • Windows Workflow Foundation(WF),
    • AJAX with ASP.NET,
    • Silver light and ASP.NET AJAX
    *Conditions Apply
    • For further details feel free to contact the concerned person mentioned below:
    Name: Sugyan
    Address: Cegonsoft Pvt.Ltd, #2067/1,”ABINAI” 1st Floor, East End Main, 9th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore-560069
    Contact: 7483065763

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    Dot Net:

    Dotnet provides the best platform available today for delivering Windows software. dotnet helps make software better, faster, cheaper, and more secure. Dotnet is not the only solution for developing Web software—Java on Linux is a serious alternative, but on the Windows desktop, dotnet rules.

    For companies, dotnet provides a stable, scalable and secure environment for software development. Dotnet can lower costs by speeding development and connecting systems, increase sales by giving employees access to the tools and information they need, and connect your business to customers, suppliers and partners.

    We offer skilled dotnet training in Coimbatore for fresh young Graduates or experienced Graduates both. At Cegonsoft, one of the best institutes for dotnet training in Coimbatore, we will prepare you on following skill sets in our industry standard dotnet training program in Coimbatore.

     Aspdotnet
     C#
     VBdotnet
     ADOdotnet
     NET projects development skills

    Every BCA /B.Tech /B.E /MCA, dotnet has become mandatory if u want to master internet world. But most of the students are not able to get the required knowledge of the course as per the industry requirements. For this you have to undergo a specialized dotnet Training. In Coimbatore there are lots of institutes providing dotnet Training. At Cegonsoft, Coimbatore, Microsoft dotnet Training program combined with proven career search strategies are geared at helping you land that dotnet developer job. During this program of dotnet training in Coimbatore, you will thoroughly cover the key components necessary to plan, build, and roll out Windows, ASPdotnet, WCF applications using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.

    For more details contact our office by following details,
    Contact: VIGNESH KS
    C.No: 9688477218, 0422-4206205, 9944200078, 8754466134.
    Address: Cegonsoft PVT LTD, #108 Nehru Street, Ram Nagar, Gandhipuram, Coimbatore.

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