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IT is a Bangalore based IT Training and Software Development center. Our core service being Training, we focus on the delivery of each training session that takes place at Cegonsoft. We believe in offering simple and effective training to our students that help them to understand the concepts in a much better fashion.

In addition, we prepare the candidates for interviews by training them in Aptitude, Group Discussion, and Personality Development etc.
Microsoft DOTNET 4.0(2010)
The .NET Framework is a development and execution environment that allows different programming languages and libraries to work together. The Microsoft . NET strategy was presented by Microsoft officials to the rest of the world in June 2000:
• .NET is Microsoft's new Internet and Web strategy
• .NET is NOT a new operating system
• .NET is a new Internet and Web based infrastructure
• .NET delivers software as Web Services
• .NET is a framework for universal services
• .NET is a server centric computing model
• .NET will run in any browser on any platform
• .NET is based on the newest Web standards
In Cegonsoft Along with this basic concepts need to develop an application in .Net, we provide Exposure to the following concepts

• ASP.NET with C#
• Advanced .NET

.Net-Ajax- Which is extremely Popular These Days Because Of Following Advantage
• Ajax can be used for creating rich, web-based applications that look and works like a desktop application
• Ajax is easy to learn. Ajax is based on JavaScript and existing technologies like XML, CSS, DHTML. etc. So, its very easy to learn Ajax
• Ajax can be used to develop web applications that can update the page data continuously without refreshing the whole page

.Net-Web Services - Take Web-applications to the Next Level
By using Web services, your application can publish its function or message to the rest of the world.
• Exposing your API onto a network Connecting Different Applications
• Low Cost of communication & Support for Loosely Coupled Applications

.Net-WCF – Windows Communication Foundation
For Building Connected and Service Oriented Application
• Its made of a lot of different components, so you can create new components for security, transport, authentication
• Its faster than ASMX (Web services)

.Net-WPF- Windows Presentation Foundation
• Cool applications in less time.
• Effective use of Graphics card. Highly suitable for high end /upcoming computers.
• We can create 3D scenes very easily.(Using ViewPort3D)
• Data binding
• Built in Animation
• Templates & Styles

.Net-LINQ – Language Integrated Query
LINQ enables you to efficiently express queries in your programming language of choice.
• Faster Access.
• Built in Security.
• Strongly Typed Code.

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