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Thread: I keep getting turned down for interviews and jobs, how do I find out why?

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    Default I keep getting turned down for interviews and jobs, how do I find out why?


    I was offered one job and then called the next day and it was rescinded because the school did not have the anticipated enrollment. Another school has turned me down several times and not even given me an interview. I have my degree and graduated with a 3.9 QPA. My application was a standard form (no resume). The reason given was that others were more qualified. This was true even when I applied for jobs that did not require a degree ( I did this to see what would happen). How can I find out what is causing the problem or if there is something in past history or discrimination?

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    Job hunting can be difficult. Maybe you aren't looking for jobs in the right field. Make sure you're fulfilling all the requirements in the job description. And take the time to make a nice resume and an individual cover letter for each application. Even if you fill out a form, also include a resume and cover letter. They give you the chance to show what you're like beyond boxes on a piece of paper. Potential employers may have turned you down because they didn't know anything about you, but they did know about the other candidates.

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