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Thread: General Aptitude/Vocabulary Questions?

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    Default General Aptitude/Vocabulary Questions?


    These are the questions:1) Picture is to Gallery as Artifact is to __________2) Flight is to Planes as Flotilla is to ____________3) Stevedore is to Wharf as Warden is to ________4) A hamster is a small animal that resembles the g__________Please set the answer out CLEARLY like:1.________2.________ and so on..Explain it too!

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    1/ Museum - pictures are displayed in a gallery, artifacts (historical objects) are displayed in a museum.2/ Boats/ships. - flights relates to planes and flotilla relates to boats/ships.3/ Jail - stevedores work on wharves and wardens work in jails.4/ Gerbil. Both are small rodents, kept as pets.

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