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Thread: Seeking a JOB....

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    Lightbulb Seeking a JOB....


    Hi Friends,

    I am Very confused about my career. I have done B-TECH in ECE. From past 2 years i am continuously finding a job but did't get any success. In this time period i did many types of jobs like Affiliate Marketing, SEO and many more but not got much success. Because i don't have any interest to do these work these works are not related to my field and also i am from small city and there are no jobs. I want to do something in my Field. Please give me a better solutions who can help.

    If any person who want to help me or want to give me an opportunity then please email me at: [email protected]

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    Well, let me put it very simply, it does not sound good to skip jobs. As far as success is concerned, it must be said that success might take a little more time to come. Now, as you said that you belong to a small town, you may try relocating to a bigger city where you can find better options. Moreover, you may try to find out your interests in fields related to your specialized area and then plan accordingly. And you can also submit your resume on online job portal sites like Naukri, monster, shine etc.

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    I completely agree with srashmi. You can post your CV in online Job Portals. Can relocate after a getting a good job in some other city.

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    hi manish,
    i agree with you. we all want to job in our field then only we get satisfaction.
    you just post your resume on nethr recruitment site.they provide the jobs in various sector.i got job in IT sector from nethr.
    best luck

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    Hi Manish,

    The issue which you raised here is very common with lots of people like you. It happen due to lack of proper guidens and suggestions. I want to suggest you that you must contact to some job and placement service provider company who can assist you in the right way.

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