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Thread: Which is the best embedded system training institue in NCR?

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    Thumbs up HCL would be a good choice for LIVE Embedded Systems Training


    HCL would be a good choice for LIVE Embedded Systems Training

    HCL offers Industrial Summer Project Training in Android, Embedded, Linux, CCNA, PHP, Java, J2EE, Dot Net, C # in Delhi

    Topics for Summer & Industrail Training and Internship with project

    1. Networks & Networking
    2. Dot Net & Microsoft Technologies (ASP, ASPX, VB etc)
    3. Java, Adavance Java, J2ee
    4. SQL /Oracle
    5. Linux & Red Hat (RHCE, RHEL)
    6. MCSE/ MCITP
    7. CCNA /CCNP
    8. MCITP
    9. Exchange Server
    10. Android
    11. PHP
    12. Embedded Systems & Design

    LIMITED SEATS For 45 Days, 8 weeks, 2 months, 6 months and 6 Weeks Project training for Btech, MCA, BCA, BSc IT, MSc IT, Polytechnic, etc

    HCL, E-78, South Extension-1 , NEW DELHI
    Call 0-9582999345/46/48, 0-9818112118
    or Email southextension (at)

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    Why Get Trained at Adept?
    A program by professionals for tomorrows' professionals.

    Adept training team is derived from engineers working on projects being developed for defense, railway, telecom and industrial automation sectors. This transfers valuable, hard to get, practical aspects of professional system design which gives you an unique edge of being ready to work for industry.

    Courseware is drafted by system design professionals with hardcore experience of 7-20 years. Each group member has proven expertize in his/her domain touching almost all possible appilcations. All requirements of technology companies when recruiting at entry level looks for are included in courseware, which is further tuned and updated every six months by a panel of expert advisors. Course fees are kept at minimum possible to accomodate talented but lesser facilitated engineers. Some of salient features are :

    Coverage of Fundamentals
    Simplified Systematic Learning Material
    Professional Work Methodology Adaption
    Optimum Industry Grade Lab Assignments
    Latest Technology Incorporation
    Variable Pace Training System

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    Advanced Post-Graduate Program in DSP and Embedded Systems Design.
    Key to a skill set that has market value...

    With growth in economy and a booming manufacturing sector, demand for customized systems is like never before. Requirement of professionals with skills to design and develop such embededd systems has undoubtly been always very high. While, on the other hand, more and more talented engineers opts for sotware development and very few engineers choose embedded system design as the route to a very lucarative and rewarding career mainly due to lack of awareness and proper training facilities. Adept-MSDC conducts this highly practical program for graduate engineers aspiring for placements in embedded systems design companies.

    This program starts with quick coverage of basics of electronics, electrical and computer technology and covers all practical aspects of embedded system design through compulsory assignments derived from real projects. Apart from focus on 32-bit microcontrollers, interfacing of most common external devices and board level development and testing issues are dealt in details.

    Program Outline :

    Electronics and Electrical Fundamentals.
    Basic Analog and Digital Designs.
    8-bit Microcontrollers like 8051, PIC, AVR, MSP.
    32-bit ARM Architecture and Programming Model.
    Digital Signal Processors.
    Advanced C Language Programming.
    Hardware and Board Design including PCB Design.
    Common Peripheral Interfaces like USART, SPI, I2C, USB, LCD.
    Power Supply Design.
    Practical Board Assembly and Production Issues.
    RF Technology and Applications.
    Testing Issues and test Bench Design.
    PC Applications Development for Binary Data Processing.
    Minor Project - 1
    Minor Project - 2
    Minor Project - 3
    Major Project and Presentation - 1
    Major Project and Presentation - 2
    Mock Interview.
    Foundation Program in Embedded Systems Design.
    Pave the way to sucess...

    Electronics has penetrated deep into our lifestyle and each one of us use more than single electronics products in our daily activities. Still a handful of engineers look forward to design such products mainly because they donot know the proper way to start career in this very interesting and promising technolog domain. Opportunities are spread everywhere for such well trained professionals. Program is aimed to support young creative engineering undergraduates to equip themselve with right skills for such opportunities.

    This program is designed to provide undergraduate engineers essential basic information and practice for head start of career in electronic design. This is a NO-CLASSROOM program with FULLY HANDS-ON experience of real world electronic system design and development. Even small practical issues are addressed to ensure maximum transfer years of experience of our to the new generation of young professionals. At the end of program, participants wil find themselves much ahead in terms of skills, thereby generating a new level of confidence in them.

    Program Outline :

    Electronics and Electrical Fundamentals.
    Basic Analog and Digital Circuit Designs.
    Microcontroller Concepts, Architecture and Applications.
    8051, PIC, MSP and ARM Cortex Architectures.
    Assembly Language and C Programming.
    Assemblers, Compilers, Simulators and Emulators.
    Schematic Entry and PCB CAD.
    Soldering and Desoldering Techniques.
    Electronic Component Identification and Marking.
    LEDs, Switches, Seven Segments and LCD Interfacing.
    Stepper Motor, Relays, RTC, EEPROM Interfacing.
    Temperature, IR, Voltage, Current Sensor Interfacing.
    GSM GPRS Modem and PC USB Communication.
    Project Assignment.
    Foundation Program in VLSI Technology.
    Make the Right Beginning...

    Our country is global hub of VLSI Design activity. Almost every semiconductor company of world has a design centre located in India. Indian VLSI professionals are admired for their sharp minds and understanding of complexities of this very precise domain. To join this league of professionals, strong grip of fundamentals is basic requirement followed by awareness of whole design process.

    This program is meant to give partcipants a clear understanding of VLSI Design Flow. Starting with basics of digital electronics, covers each and every aspect of VLSI design including downloading of design in actual configurable devices. The participant gets the knowledge of a HDL (Hardware description language), EDA Tools (Electronic Design Automation), and FPGA and Programmable Logic Devices Architecture.

    Program Outline :

    Digital Electronics Overview.
    State Machines and Timing Analysis.
    Introduction to VLSI Design and Fabrication Process.
    VHDL Elements and Modelling.
    Simulators and Simulation Issues.
    Synthesis Tools.
    Programmable Logic Architecture - FPGA, CPLD.
    Clocking and Timing.
    MOS Theory and Model.
    Basics of VLSI Design Layout.
    Basics Of Spice Modelling.
    Project Assignment.
    Contact Mr Pankaj

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    Default want to know about Embedded Systems in Chennai....for more informations go to visit

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    you can get more about information of Embedded Training,

    Embedded Systems Courses, Design Programming Courses

    Embedded Training like:-
    Microcontroller 8051, AVR, PIC
    Programming language- C, Embedded C & Assembly
    Component & IC level electronics
    Designing of various sensor modules
    Power supply development
    Sensors & Display device interfacing with MCU
    Display devices & their interfacing with MCU
    Communication- wireless, wired, PC based
    IDE's hands on- Kiel4, AVR studio, Micro C
    Simulators Proteus, Topview, AVR simulator
    Working Environment - Linux, windows
    Robotics Project development
    Soft Skill Development

    ANSI C
    Data types
    Control flow statements
    Working on approprite IDE's
    Embedded C programming with MCU

    Introduction 8051/AVR/PIC family microcontroller
    Internal working of 8051/AVR/PIC Microcontroller
    Memory organization
    Peripheral features of 8051/AVR/PIC
    I/O programming in Assembly/Embedded C
    Timers/Counter programming
    Interrupts programming
    USART/UART programming
    ADC programming

    Robotics introduction
    Chip & Component level electronics
    Development of various motors for robot
    Power supply designing
    Robotic sensor designing & interfacing
    Robotic Motor controller circuits
    Embedded C programming of AVR MCU
    I/O function access to MCU
    Inter-robot communication
    Robotic Project development

    Communication between microcontrollers
    RS232 protocol
    SPI, I2C
    RF wireless link communication
    Serial port programming
    USB port programming
    Finger print module interfacing
    RFID reader interfacing

    Surface sensor
    Sound sensor
    Light sensor
    Temperature sensor
    Touch screen
    Accelerometer/tilt sensor
    Ultrasonic sensor
    Gas sensor
    4x4 Keypad
    7 segment display
    Multiplexed 7 segment display
    2x16 LCD display

    E- 39, Sector No. 6
    Noida - 201 301, Uttar Pradesh, India
    Phone: 91-120-4056706, 4056703
    Fax: 91-120-4056702
    Mobile: 9873630785 / 9873684685
    Email: [email protected]

    NOIDA (Corporate Office & Works)
    C-87, Sec 88, Noida - 201 305, Uttar Pradesh, India
    Mobile: 9873630785 / 9873684685
    Email: [email protected]

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