Dear Friends,

I would like to introduce myself as a recruiter and soft skills trainer since last 10 years. I have gained my experience with global organizations like KPMG, GE, HSBC, Nestle India Ltd. and many more renowned names.

We all know that the current market scenario demands, besides the technical skills, exemplary communication and interpersonal skills. Communication comes through practice. But how often do we get a chance to practice amidst all the hustle bustle of our lives and the quest to achieve academically? I believe most of the answer would be 'Not Enough'. Also, it's not possible for everyone to join classes which demand time as well as money.

Keeping in my mind the needs and challenges, I have created an open and free discussion forum on skype which is a freely available software program.

Commencing this Friday i.e. the 19th July, 2013, you will be able to meet me 'DAILY' on 'Skype between 10 PM - 12 PM' (and, it's free!) and hear the answers to your questions directly from me. It's an open forum, so everyone who wish to participate, is invited.

You will be able to ask any questions that might be haunting your minds regarding:
1. Interview skills
2. Communication skills
3. Books and resources
4. English language skills
5. Public speaking skills
6. Presentation skills
7. Or, any other soft skills areas that you would require to mold your careers.

Remember, this is an experiment and will evolve with more fearless attempts at making it efficient. This is for all of us, hence, don't hesitate to give your ideas to make it a better program and don't just keep it to yourself, spread it across.

To connect with me on Friday and onwards between 10 PM - 12 PM, following steps must be taken:
1. Download skype (Free software) and install
2. Create your account (again free)
3. Send me an invite to my ID the_training_times

I will add you to my contact list and these two hours will be like a virtual group discussion, where we all will discuss about the things that are important to all of us.

A group discussion is more fruitful with more participation, so ask people whom you know to join in.

Good Luck!

Vaibhav Gupta