An embedded system is a computer system designed to perform one or a few dedicated functions often with real-time computing constraints....
Embedded Systems has witnessed tremendous growth in the last one decade. Almost all the fast developing sectors like automobile, aeronautics, space, rail, mobile communications and electronic payment solutions have witnessed increased use of Embedded technologies. Greater value to mobility is one of the prominent reasons for the rise and development of Embedded technologies.
Initially, Embedded Systems were used for large, safety-critical and business-critical applications that included
Rocket & satellite control
Energy production control
Telephone switches
Air Traffic Control
Embedded Systems research and development is now concerned with a very large proportion of the advanced products designed in the world. In one way, Embedded technologies run global transport industry that includes avionics, space, automotive and trains. But, it is the electrical and electronic appliances like cameras, toys, televisions, home appliances, audio systems and cellular phones that really are the visual interface of Embedded Systems for the common consumer.
Advanced Embedded Technologies are deployed in developing
Process Controls (energy production and distribution, factory automation and optimization) Telecommunications (satellites, mobile phones and telecom networks)
Energy management (production, distribution and optimized use)
Security (e-commerce and smart cards)
Health (hospital equipment and mobile monitoring)

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