The only real training for programming is programming. Learning a Programming language without real time practicals is like learning Swimming without water. You might have known all the tricks but will not know how to handle in real time!

We, Payilagam Training Institute provides you the best Real time, Job oriented .NET (dot net) training in Chennai velachery. We achieve career oriented training by employing WORKING MNC EMPLOYEES WHO ARE REAL .NET DEVELOPERS. They work for almost seven years in various MNCs in Chennai.

One of our major strengths is we invite the trainees to ATTEND OUR FIRST THREE DAYS FREE .NET TRAINING! Sense our Training and then continue!

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Mr. Manikandan B.E., M.B.A.,
Payilagam .NET Training Institute,
Velachery, Chennai 600042
Ph: 044 22592370 Mobile: 888 3 775533
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