Over the last 5 years, we – in Elements Akademia – have visited more than 200 business schools in 30 different cities.

Everywhere the complain is the same – Lack of Good Placements!

There are many reasons for this sad placement situation in MBA colleges, one of them is the lack of industry-readiness in our students. We interviewed 42 hiring companies – including the likes of Kotak Bank, Cadbury, Reckitt Benckiser, naukri.com, Evalueserve, Nestle, and many Small & Medium Enterprises – and all complained that our MBAs lacked some very basic skills expected by the industry.

Based on this research, we identified 9 Missing Elements in an MBA – a widely published article that you can see on this portal too. Industry complains that our MBAs lack practical knowledge of their function, MBAs lack awareness of their own chosen sector, their CVs did not have a clear USP, they did not know how to lead the interview etc. And of course, many MBAs need to improve their communication skills and their attitude.
Unfortunately, even after sharing this with hundreds of MBA colleges, we haven’t really seen much change at the campuses. Unfortunately, the level of an average MBA faculty itself is poor, so who will coach the student? Most faculty are themselves lacking in a good quality corporate exposure, so how can they prepare the students. A typical case of the deaf leading the blind!

So why this portal?

This portal is our attempt to coach MBAs on these 9 Missing Elements. You can see the course structure to know more details. Broadly, at the end of this course, you will be much better prepared to clear interviews.
We will improve your:

✔ Practical Knowledge: In Finance, Sales & Marketing, HR etc. on the questions really asked in an
✔ Sectoral Knowledge: What is happening in the various sectors.
✔ Managerial Skills: Managing Time and Stress etc.
✔ CV: To start having a clear Unique Selling Proposition, a clear USP
✔ Interviewing Skills: Learn how to lead the interview, how to wow the interviewer
✔ Career Awareness: Which function to choose based on your own skill sets.

We have seen a very significant increase in placement rates after students have completed our ‘Emloyability‘ module.

You can learn from the comfort of your home or hostel at a very very nominal fee. We expect you to spend hardly an hour with us everyday for 3 months. The portal has slides, reading materials, videos, online tests and much more. The content has been prepared with guidance from more than a dozen very senior IIM Alumni – who have experience of studying in top business schools, and working in top companies, and therefore know exactly what will make you industry-ready. Learn from their expertise!

You have already invested few lacs in your MBA – but it has just given you theoretical knowledge.
Why don’t you try us out?