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    Are you searching for a good SAP Training institute or to get genuine SAP Project experience?
    Before selecting any training institute, you should first know few facts about SAP Course.

    Qualification: To join SAP Course, one should be a Graduate in relevant field and should have at least 1-2 years domain experience. Without domain experience, it is very hard to digest SAP concept.

    To get a job in SAP field:

    Once you finish SAP Course, you can work as SAP End User, if you do not have any SAP Project experience. For End User, normally package will be low.

    If you have at least one Project experience or one end to end project experience, you can work as SAP Associate/Junior Consultant. Few medium-sized SAP Consultancy firms hire SAP Jr. Consultants, to execute SAP Projects-onshore and offshore. SAP Consultants are high paid in the world.

    You should join such an institute or SAP Consultancy firm where you will get both Training and Project experience. Remember, only SAP Consultancy firms/SAP Consultants can give you project experience. Some training institutes claim they will offer project experience. It is a fake if you get project experience from SAP training institutes, as they have not executed any SAP Projects.

    While joining for SAP Course, you should check that with training whether you will be given Project exposure also, which is compulsory to work as SAP Functional Consultant.

    We, group of SAP Consultants, can guide you the right institution/SAP Consultancy firms to get SAP Training or SAP Project experience.

    This training or Project experience will be offered through online also.

    You can contact us for any further details or queries to: sapguidanceforum(at)

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    Thanks for the making a forum of guidance. It will help us to guide about the posting.

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