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SAP - FI/CO (Financial and Controlling)
Explanation about ERP, what is SAP? R/3 architecture sap methodology
Meaning, Defining & Assigning the organisation structure like
In Finance
Define Company
Define Company Code
Define Business Areas
Define Consolidation Business Areas
Define Financial Management Areas
Define credit control area
Define Functional Area
In Logistics
Define Plant
Define storage locations
In Purchases
Define purchase organization
In Sales
Define Sales organization
Define Distribution centers
Define Divisions
Financial Accounting basic settings
Define Fiscal Year Variant
Assign Company Code to Fiscal Year
Posting Periods
Define Variant for Open Posting Periods
Assign Variants to Company Code
Open and Close Posting Periods
Define Document Type and Analization
Define Field Status Variant
Assign Company Code to Field Status
Define Tolerance and Groups
Define Tolerance Groups for General
Ledger Accounts
Define Tolerance Groups for Employees
Enter Global Parameters
General ledger basic settings
Define Chart Of Accounts List
Assign Company Code to Chart Of Accounts
Define Account Group
Define Retain Earnings Group
Creation of general ledger accounts
Making changes to G/L accounts
View the balances
Document lists
Block/Unblock of G/L accounts
Posting the transactions using different applications
Parked documents
Normal documents
Recurring documents
Hold documents
Accrual/deferral documents
Sample documents
Open Item Management
View line items
Payment types
Foreign currency
Define exchange rates
Transaction Ratios For Currency
Define Exchange Rates
Exchange rate key
Postings related foreign currency
Bank accounting
Creation of House bank
Cheque lot creation
Define check numbers
Check register
Check encashment
Check cancellation
Check issue
Issue check cancellation
Display Cheque Information
Display Payment Document Cheques
Renumber Cheques
Reprint Cheques
Bank reconciliation
Process Manual Bank Statement
Create Account Symbols
Create Key For Posting Rules
Define posting rules
Define Variant For Manual Bank Statement
Accounts receivable
Creation of Accounts group
Number ranges for customer master records
Tolerance limits
Creation of customer master records
Invoice & payment posting
Statement of Account, Maintain Statement
Request For Correspondence
View reports, balances
Accounts payable
Creation of Accounts group
Number ranges for vendor master records
Tolerance limits
Creation of vendor master records
Invoice & payment posting
Statement of Account, Maintain Statement
Request For Correspondence
View reports, balances
Advance configuration steps
Reconciliation Account
Special G/L indicator
Automatic postings
Dunning procedures/li>
Dunning levels
Dunning run
Bills of Exchange
Bills receivable/li>
Bills payable
Interest calculation
Interest calculation types/li>
Interest Indicatorst
Balance interest
Item interest
Prepare Account Balance Interest Calculation
Time Dependent Terms
Automatic postings
Loan Receipt Entry
Interest Run
Batch input run
Assign Forms for Interest Indicators
Customer Interest Calculation Run
Value added tax/li>
Asset Accounting
Create Chart of Depreciation/li>
Specify Chart of Depreciation
Copy/Delete Chart of Depreciation Areas
Assign Chart of Depreciation to Company code
Specify Account Determination
Define screen layout rules
Define number ranges for dep areas
Define Asset Classes
Define Dep Area in the asset class
Assign G/L Accounts for automatic postings to Fl
Specify Document type for posting of Depreciation
Specify Intervals and posting rules
Specify rounding off and / or Depreciation
Define Base Method
Define Multi Level Method
Define Period Control Method
Define Declining Balance Method
Continution Of Asset Accounting
Define Depreciation Key/li>
Define Screen layout for Asset Master data
Define Screen layout for Depreciation Areas
Create Asset Masters
Create SUB-Asset master
Asset purchase posting
Sub Asset purchase posting
View Individual Asset
View Asset balances by Business Area
Asset Sale posting
Asset Transfer
Asset Scraping
Define Controlling Area/li>
Define Number ranges for controlling
Cost Element Accounting
Types of Cost elements/li>
Different types of cost elements
Different types of defining cost elements
Primary cost elements
Secondary cost elements
Make changes of cost elements
Defining Cost element group
Posting using cost elements
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Cost center Accounting
Defining cost centers/li>
Define Cost center group
Cost center standard hierarchy
Repost cost
Repost controlling line items
Line item display
Cost center wise report
Settlement & Distribution
Define Cost cycle
Cost center wise variance report
Defining cost center under field status group as a required entry
Posting of the documents using cost elements and cost centers

Internal orders

Define different types of internal orders/li>
Create Internal order & Groups
Repost cost
Repost controlling line items
Line item display
View Internal order wise report

Profit center Accounting

Create Dummy Profit Center& Profit center/li>
Set control parameters for actual data
Maintain Plan versions
Define number ranges for local documents
Maintain Automatic Account Assignment of revenue elements
Choose Additional balance sheets and p&l a/c's
Derivation rules
Profit center wise planning
Expenditure& revenue posting for profit center
Profit center wise variance report for B/Sheet a/c's & p&l a/c's

Profitability Analysis

Define Cost sheet/li>
Define Cost variant
Define credits
Define overhead rates & groups
Define calculation bases

Integration With Mm & Sd