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We at OBJECT ARENA offer advanced IBM courses as well as programming languages in the Industry designed for both fresher and corporate folks. Our courses are created to be the most effective with an objective to provide the best ROI possible. Courses range from taking an individual from introduction to certification, while advanced classes provide a test play ground to refresh their knowledge using intense break-it fix-it lab exercises. We balance lectures with extensive business case oriented intense labs along with daily computerized testing to gauge a student’s progress. Our goal is to provide the best ROI possible.

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Course content for Big Data
BIG DATA - Simple Definition to the technology, 3 V’s of Big Data

Big Data Use Cases - Social media, Log files etc.,

What can be done with the big data - Importance of big data, insights from the data, how is it associated in day-to-day life.

Big Data Architecture - Introduction to Hadoop, Pig, JAQL, Hive, Hbase, Zookeeper etc.,

Big data is not just hadoop - The complete picture of how it is done

IBM’s proceedings in Big Data Platform - Introduction to BigInsights, InfoStreams etc.,

BigInsights - Explain about Big sheets (i.e., Live Demo)

Text Analytics - Introduction and an example of the terminology

Importance of the technology - Some statistical information about the shortage of employees with these skills

Case Studies - Case studies in real time scenarios and the future of Big Data.

Course content for hadoop Course Content

Introduction and Overview of Hadoop
What is Hadoop?
History of Hadoop
Building Blocks – Hadoop Eco-System
Who is behind Hadoop?
What Hadoop is good for and what it is not
Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)

HDFS Overview and Architecture
HDFS Installation
Hadoop File System Shell
File System Java API

Map/Reduce Overview and Architecture
Developing Map/Red Jobs
Input and Output Formats
Job Configuration
Job Submission
HDFS as a Source and Sink
HBase as a Source and Sink
Hadoop Streaming
HBase Overview and Architecture
HBase Installation
HBase Shell
CRUD operations
Scanning and Batching
HBase Key Design
Pig Overview
Pig Latin
Pig with HDFS
Hive Overview
Hive QL

Sqoop Overview
Imports and Exports
Zoo Keeper
Zoo Keeper Overview
Server Mantainace
Putting it all together
Distributed installations
Best Practices

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