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Thread: Why do People Frequently change their careers?

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    Default Why do People Frequently change their careers?

    Todays youth have lot of ideas accumulated in their minds. They need changes . Many people who are currently in job spends about an hour in searching a new job that suits their criteria.In India, it has been observed by the authorities in their surveys that youths in the age group of 18 to 32 are holding or changing more than 10 jobs .

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    Because they couldn't stable the mind for job and career. Its better to choose the line which can boost your career rather then changing again and again. Its better to choose career where you can work with stability. Get your dream job by posting your resume in, naukri, timesjobs and shine.

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    It depends on many factors. What is the pay that you are getting, current working environment, etc. But usually, a candidate should work for 2-3 years with an agency.

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