The demand for trained business analytics professionals has witnessed a massive growth in recent years. The dearth of skilled manpower can be overcome with serious intervention at the education level and imparting business analytics training specifically with analytical and statistical tools. Training in analytics is of importance to match the ever-growing demand and dearth in supply.

There are many benefits of business analytics training. One can learn fundamentals of descriptive and predictive analytical techniques and how and where to use them. One can also learn SAS hands-on to manage, manipulate, cleanse and analyze data. With this training, one does not learn the techniques and tools in isolation but will combine and apply them to derive business insights from raw data. Analytics talent demand is much more than the available skilled supply. This training gives an opportunity to become employable in this fast growing new age field by demonstrating the skills learnt. This training is for students pursuing their graduation/post-graduation and also for working professionals who have completed their graduation in any field. There are no other prerequisites but one does need to have a quantitative bent of mind.