Imarticus Learning is excited to launch its online training program ‘Certification in R Programming’ (CIRP), aimed at providing a thorough understanding of the R programming language and Statistics for effective data analytics.

This two-month weekend program is aimed at working professionals and fresh graduates alike who are keen to explore career options in Business Analytics. The program is an Instructor led virtual training with live webinars, managed by a fully integrated online learning portal. The program features 46 hours of learning and provides insights into Writing Functions, Data Manipulation, Statistical Concepts, Predictive, Text and Multivariate Analytics. Taught entirely online, the 2-month CIRP program a more focused and flexible learning option for candidates with either time or location constraints as well as those who prefer to individual study; every room becomes your own private classroom and you are the only student.

The focus remains on applicability and job readiness in the corporate world. To that end, we work closely with our Advisory Council comprising noted industry experts to design the curriculum of the program as well as periodically guide and mentor our students. The CIRP course ends with aspirants presenting their projects in front of industry experts.

While Imarticus Learning began as a Financial Services training firm, the state of the art professional education institute has been rated as one of the top 5 Analytics Training Companies in India. They run short term courses on SAS and R at their centers in Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai.

Commenting on the decision to launch an online course on R, Mr Nikhil Barshikar, Managing Director, Imarticus Learning, said, “Demand for R is growing exponentially - It is now the highest paid IT skill, with up to 70% of data miners using R, and R is growing faster than any other programming language. But not too many institutes offer robust training solutions that meet the growing demands of the industry. We have trained over 5000 students in Financial Services and Analytics, and it was only a matter of time before we leveraged our domain expertise and networks within the industry. We want to be the first firm to offer comprehensive online education that completely mimics classroom teaching so much so it becomes the preferred mode of learning. We believe we can provide our online CIRP students with the same stimulating learning experience that our classroom Business Analytics- R course provides. We hope to create many more such online courses, while creating employment opportunities for our youth.”

Enrollments for the CIRP batch, which launches on 5th July, are now open.