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    Finance is the study of allocation of assets and capital of an investor or a company and then ensuring good return on investment by managing the risk along with time value of money. But without a deep and proper understanding of finance one cannot become a good financial expert as there are many verticals associated with it. Along with taking care of company’s fundamentals to make industry, sector and business recommendation, a financial analyst researches both the macroeconomic and microeconomic conditions of the company. If you are an undergraduate who is considering financial analyst as a career then it is better to do some certification courses in finance. These courses are highly technical one and the candidate should have economics major as an undergraduate subject if not an MBA.
    A certificate in financial analyst can provide an in-depth training in methods of analysis used by managers and financial analysts in a variety of settings that includes finance departments of investment companies, consulting and professional services firms, various financial institutions and finance departments within corporations. A certified financial analyst course is awarded to the students who complete the six required courses. In some institutions a certificate in finance degree can be earned concurrently with a bachelor’s degree course. In order to meet the requirement for the certificate, students take specific finance courses which can be awarded in conjunction with the bachelor’s degree.

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