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Thread: has man become dependent on technology?

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    Default has man become dependent on technology?


    what are we without technology? if we keep evolving like this than our technology will advance along with man. one day, our technology will become so advance and self coordinated that it will surpass what any man can do. we wouldn't even need to control it. machines might become what some might call a new species. but how can they reproduce? machines dont eat, dont sleep, etc. once they are that advanced they can gather materials and build duplicates of themselves. they wont need us anymore.

    man creates technology > technology becomes machine > machines become mans successor.

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    Man has not become dependent on technology; modern society has become dependent on technology. People in less developed countries are still able to live out their lives without any "modern" technology, thus supporting the fact that we are not dependent upon this technology.

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    We become dependent to technology because man wants to live in comfort. Man is naturally lazy but wants to do impossible things.

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