Company that charged me? I had an unauthorized transaction to my account recently. I called my Credit Union and they did very little. They told me I had to contact the company that charged my account and provided the number for the company. Other then that, that’s all they did. I would assume that they would have to contact them or handle the situation. I would have assumed they would have wanted to lock this account and flag it for fraud and transfer everything to a new account while eliminating this fraudulent charge form my account. But thy didn’t do any of that.
So I had contacted the company that charged my account. Apparently the info didn’t match my residency. But they have to send it to their fraud department which apparently you don’t get to talk to. Well I was told I would receive a call in 3 days. Not business days but 3 days. Well today was the 5th day so I called them. Now I was told that they do not call but email me instead and one of their two people that handle this was out for the week so their behind and I should hear back by the end of the week.
Now I do not know why I am having to do all the leg work and hassle. It should be a simple call the bank/credit union and a form to fill out. So why am I having to take time out of my busy schedule for this, especially when it could be a simple billing error that seems to also cause these headaches every now and then.
Whom is responsible for the charges? Would it be the Credit Union or the Company that charged my account? And am I supposed to have to do all this leg work or is it the Credit Unions responsibility?